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Face à Face

French architect Alyson Magee never trusted in the fleetingness of fashions but in a superior concept of design. Originality and creative details lead her to experiment with new ideas for this collection. Sophisticated contemporary designs manufactured at the foot of the French Alps combine intricate detailing and high-tech artistry with materials ranging from the lightweight titanium to dual textured laminates. The sharp lines of the "techno" world and the soft, natural shapes of the "organic" world, successive collections of glasses and sunglasses have brought new directions in style. Minimalist designs, temples with asymmetrical volumes and multi-facets characterize the latest metals. Natural tones with colors evoking glaciers or reflecting the camouflage theme. Translucent acetates, combined with metal or titanium, reveals the usually hidden details of construction. This collection truly has a strong emphasis on design and sometimes showcases frames resembling the details for construction found on a building's blueprints. Face a Face eyewear is designed to appeal to the modern, urban, man or woman who seek unique glasses that reflect their times, environment and personality. Available at Eyestyles For Lifestyles-Lake Forest.
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